Fashion and personality

Bugged with the thought of what to do, to fill in for my inconsistency of not posting often, I decided to dwell, on how fashion could deter our personality.

I grew up as a lad with an obdurate faculty( both in a good and bad way) I became resilient in my deeds, so I opted out for learning by experience, as the usual saying goes, ‘experience is the best teacher’.

Fashion is, modeling after your own style. But the question remains; what exactly is your style? This is a tough question that many, including I ignored for quite sometime. We model many atimes after people, after their brand but we forget who we are. Don’t get me wrong having a model is absolutely incredible I have models whom I follow too. But in a bid to model after them I ensure that I don’t lose my signature, my personality, in the process. This has had a pernicious effect on feeble mind, and has stunted our lucid view, making even the so-called models complicit.

A young girl probably 5 yrs of age, already talks and walks after her idol. This is incredibly awesome but in the later end she tends to loose her personality in the process and sells out herself in the process. I emphasized fashion being our own style, reflecting our personality and not about being someone who we aren’t.

No two fingers have the same print, i.e no two Individual have the same personality, rather we are all shaped to who we are daily. I have admired a lot of people and their fashion sense. I mentally quied myself to dress like them, but sincerely I just try but I end up being me and not them.

Fashion is your personality and not another, it is not copied, no work of art can exactly be copied perfectly.

I have a natural predilection for the colour black because it is my style, lustrous and lucid. I certainly have a good sartorial taste and love urbane, modish and classy wears but black is just walks in line with my personality.


Hey! Lovers, how is the holidays going hope we’re making much of it, despite the break the clock keeps ticking.

Had a bright idea today, while going through the day so I decided to go poetic today. Poetry is something I do when my digits go unused for too long and serenity clogs the atmosphere, then bam! I go all poetic.

Nature is a most beautiful creature

Blows a smile across the face

Nature just like fashion

Not a materialistic race.

Photo credit: unexy23

Idranre hills, Ondo State, Nigeria

Fashion reminds me so much of nature, and i love nature at his peak I never get tired of staring at the sky, trees, ocean etc. I find so much comfort and solace in it.


Fashion and Mindest

Over the years, people have held erroneous assumptions about fashion. Such negative beliefs have gained notoriety in our world today. Amplified majorly by the Christians; a background I sprang up from.

Fashion for me, as a child, was a no go area and I struggled hard to place my footing on what is and is not. I grew up in a family which held a high moral standard Christian belief and perceived fashionable dressing as ‘indecent dressing’ and a fashion sense as worldliness. For me then, that was true and a standard, but today, I know better.

In my early teens, having a strong conviction to hold on to (on what is right and what’s not) was another issue. But for some principles I learnt and found correct, I have held them dearly.
At high school, I was torn between two major belief systems/ opinions from two different groups of teenagers.
The ones who held onto this egocentric view and the other: my friends who believed in the whole fashion thing but did not hold same principles as I did. And to them, I couldn’t measure up to their standard of a person with a fashion sense. So, I was labelled “church-girl”.
As for the former, they saw me as girl who was not spiritual at all as it seemed I craved more after worldly things than the things of God. To them, I was mingling.
It all became a nightmare for me as I was trying to fit into both worlds. I couldn’t determine which school of thought was right, until a chink of light reached me, and I saw a whole new paradigm to it all.
Fashion is a lifestyle. With that I mean it is “how I style my life”. A personal something. That also goes to mean that I am free to use whatever style that suits me. Fashion is what I do to look good, not for anybody but for me. That means without compromising my faith or principles, I could look good in my own way and still meet up with the standard fashion.
With that understanding, I overcome my fears and began to build the self confidence and self esteem I had missed as a young teenager.
Fashion is not evil as it has been dubbed. However it could be harmful to you if you become obsessed by it and lose your hold on moral principles. It creates a dent to your esteem and a bad motif is perceived as your intention when you do it in a bid to show off or say rather, compete. Many around the world in their fashion lifestyle show off their body parts. I beg you to defer. I vehemently oppose that as it is nothing else but barbarism. It’s more offensive than fashionable. One main characteristic of a good fashion sense, is modesty and that is what I opt for. I could wear a simple dress and still look amazing in it without going overboard or stressing myself up in a bid to look nice. I walk with my head held up high and do my business without feeling inferior.
Fashion is a lifestyle not a cat chase..

How I rocked my style on my birthday

Simple, exquisite and not extravagant.


Fashion and me

Am certainly new here, I’ve always been a lover of fashion as well children. This is of course my first post and I don’t really have much to say but you can decide that, you can comment on any area on fashion you want to talk about.

So let start with me telling a few things about myself. I come from the tropics, Africa, Nigeria to be precised and born into a family where my passion for fashion felt awkward and unrealistic, I didn’t of course get the fancy things to enable me carry on with my throbbing zeal for passion but I was able to pull some strings which of course will be discussed in my next post😉




The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton